Photographers: How To Get Real Feedback From Clients

Let's face it ... reviews are everything.

Whether you are buying something on Amazon or booking a photographer, everyone seeks the opinion of those before them.

I rely heavily on testimonials when buying. The opinion of someone who has previously purchased a product has more value than the sales-pitch being fed to me.

Who knows the value of your work better than the clients who walked away with a bank full of memories?

You can spend thousands on a professional copyrighter, and thats a great marketing tool, but if you don't have the reviews to back it up, those words are just another sales pitch.

Here is our #1 tip to getting real feedback from clients

During the initial phase of booking it is important to let your client know "What to expect".  I take this time to go over everything that will happen, and feedback is one of the steps in my workflow.  

Each client gets a timeline of what will happen; from booking, to shooting, to delivery.  In that timeline a review is called out.  

However, I don't just make it something optional.  It goes prior to a step they will want to see happen (sneak peeks) and I make it a must.  

Here's how:

Dear Sally, Hope your are doing well.  I'm so excited for the next step of capturing your wedding day!  As you remember from our timeline, I'm preparing your blog post (and sneak peeks).  I absolutely know you're going to love sharing this with friends and family.  This is especially important for those that couldn't attend.  The post will include some of our favorites of the entire day (beginning to end).  But to finish we just need a couple things from you to include in this.  Below are a few questions to go with the article (your friends & family will love your personal touch on this.)

How did you and Aaron meet? What made you pick this venue? Overall, what did you love best about your special day? How was your experience with me as your photographer?

Again, thank you so much for providing these important pieces to the blog post which you will be able to share on your social media for all the world to live in your special moment.

xx&o, Stacie

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