Photography Packaging The Importance of creating a personal touch

Presentation is everything!  

We know that.  It's everywhere around us from the furniture store you go to that has the rooms decorated in the perfect way that makes you want to buy the full set and all the fun nicknacks to go along with it to a beautiful swank restaurant that takes your food and turns it into a piece of art that makes everyone pull out their phone for a quick photo.  

This same thing is true when it comes to your brand, your packaging, and your client's experience.  Yes, quality packaging can be pricey but it should considered part of your marketing.  

Most importantly, it's a little showcase of how "quality" your brand is to you and to anyone who sees it.   Here are some amazing examples of how you can create the personal touch it takes to draw people in and remember you forever.    

Below is Ashley Anger Photography Packaging

Photography packaging


Ashley's Packaging Experience

"My shooting style is clean and bold. It was important to me that my branding and packaging matched the type of images I was putting out there, so I opted for a clean and bold way to deliver my client files. The relationship I build with each client is sooooo important to me, and I had to think of a way to continue that high-end and important feel even after the session had taken place. I chose a copper and crystal flash drive with my logo engraved, and packaged it in a classic black box with a suede-like cream interior. Every time my clients look at their images or that flash drive, I want them to be able to feel the quality and care I put into their experience."


Photography packaging



Below is Lisa Derevycka Photography Packaging

  Photography packaging


Lisa Packaging Experience

"When I set up my business last year, I wanted my couples who choose only to have digital files to receive at least some type of object. So I contacted a local Cabinet maker, who had just set up her business a couple of years earlier. We worked on the design and lettering together. The box becomes the heirloom in this digital age."




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  • Jodie Miears

    I have one of your wonderful photography planners (I can’t live without it!) but am just now stumbling across your blog. Excellent, helpful content. I’ve been in business in Aledo, Tx for 3 years and it’s time for me to start really working on my packaging and SEO. I found great info on both topics here. Thank you!!

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