Pricing: Should you show pricing on your website or ask that they inquire?

Pricing:  Should you show pricing on your website or ask that they inquire?

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I'm sure it's happened to you.  You get an email that says “What are your prices?”

Do you show the prices on your website or do you ask that they inquire?

I can see both sides of the argument.

The benefit of showing prices on your website is that you are creating a strong presence. You aren’t afraid to let them know before hand how very valuable you are. And let’s admit it, if they are your type of client they will pay what you charge. BAM -- weeding out the "non-customers" and attracting serious leads.

Will showing your prices discourage those who don’t think it is worth that or are penny-pinching their decision?


Is that what you should want?  Ya. I believe it is because the time you spend being interviewed by someone that is never going to pay your price is time wasted. Being upfront weeds out those who wouldn’t hire you.

On the flip side: The benefit of asking a customer to inquire about your pricing and packages allows you to find out their needs, create a relationship and develop a custom plan.

So, there is no perfect way to show your potential clients what their investment cost will be. It’s a personal preference.


Here is a response to those who inquire about your prices via email (feel free to copy):

Dear Price Investigator,

I am so excited that you contacted me.

I would love to hear a little about your needs so that I can supply you with packages that would t your special day. Just give me a little insight into the timing, venue, and your wants such as the number of photos, number of clothing changes, prints etc.

xoxo Stacie


Comment below your opinion on showing pricing on your website.  We would love to hear everyones opinions.


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What do you think?

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  • I changed to full pricing on my website a few years ago and I LOVE it! I’m out of the norm a bit and offer all-inclusive packages and ONLY shoot boudoir. The vast majority who inquire now, book! I still get some who manage not to see my pricing and yes my inquiries went down at first. However, not wasting time going back and forth, or dealing with those looking for a deal has been totally worth it. I have had other photographers ask if I am worried about scaring people off but if they are going to be scared off by my prices, why would it matter if it was on my website or sent to them after they inquire. ;) For the record I have scared a few clients off… but they ended up booking after shopping around. :)


    Danea on

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