Signs that you might be a photographer

Signs that you might be a photographer

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If you read through these "signs that you might be a photographer" and nod your head + relate then it's pretty clear -- you're one of us!

We pooled the Colorvale Facebook audience and came up with some funny signs that you might be photographer.  Comment below yours.


1.  Always have a camera with you! - Mary L.

2.  When you go to the mall, your kids try and get you to buy them things by saying "don't you think this would be good for a photo shoot? " - Angelique H.


3.  Your child's wardrobe consists of everyday clothes and a separate "for portraits" wardrobe. - Dani E.


4.  When your almost 5 year old asks to go to the park so he can help you take good pictures. He picks the scenic park. - Dani E.


5.  When you think in real life {when not shooting} ... "oh I can photoshop that...." - Rachel G.


6.  When you are deciding what furniture to buy for your living room based on how it will look with your lighting for lifestyle photos of your little ones. - Ash A.


7.  When you are constantly trying to imagine where the sun will set everywhere you go. - Amanda H.


8.  Looking at myself in the mirror and thinking about cloning that blemish.  - Ash A.


9.  When you go shopping, you manage to find stuff that would be great for props. - Nicole R.


10.  Walking into a store and saying I CAN PUT A BABY IN THAT lol - Kristin G.


11.  Mentally critic every photo you see. - Shawna B.


12.  Always thinking of the color temperature in the environment. - Matt O.


13.  Your kids see a camera and run. - Danica W. 


14.  When you start clothes shopping for yourself but that budget turns into baskets and throws instead. - Audrea K.


15.  You're at your daughter's cheerleading practice. a new park... You wander off what feels like a few minutes, only to be told by another mother when you return that your daughter needed to use the restroom and couldn't find you. And your daughter said, "ugh... She's probably taking pictures of something!" - Abby S.


16.  When you spot an old wooden almost rotted barn out in the middle of the woods while driving down the highway. - Kassie W.


17.  You obsess over everything! If someone has a tag out, their shirt is bunched up in a distracring way, they have a piece of hair in their face.  Even in public it drives me nuts. - Amanda P.


18.  When you are asked if you ever put the camera down. - Sean C.


19.  When you love you camera and gear more then your car! When your PC is a wonderful mess of images and lay in bed at night tossing and turning obbsessing about you need to get things done because there is never enough time in a day! - Mindy V.


20.  "Stop! Do not move!!" - Marie M.


21.  When you have to make a deal with your 3yr old: model a crown for me and I will clean your room before daddy comes home. - Stephanie N.


21.  I look at catch lights in people's eyes! - Cassandra E.


23.  When you meet someone and automatically look at everything you would edit if you were to or are going to photograph them... - Dawn L. 


24.  ....whaaaat? Doesn't everyone sit in front of their computer with a bottle of wine late at night? - Wendy E.


25.  Honestly being able to say that you have cloned out a dog's penis before.  - Sarah D. 


26.  When you get your camera out and your 22 month old son automatically poses and smiles showing all his teeth. - Kirsten P.


27.  You can't focus on what's happening in a movie because you're too busy checking out the pretty bokeh in the background.  - Kristina W.


28.  When you mentally CC everyone's first day of school pics for poor lighting or posing. - Rebecca W.


29.  Picking at every photo you see that is either done wrong or would be and some how connecting EVERYTHING I buy to oh I could use that as decor and - Sydney E.


30.  Your 5 week old baby girl looks at your iPhone instead of you when both are in front of her face!!! - Amberly S.


31.  Constantly seeing cool places that would make awesome session spots on shows like the walking dead. "Aside from the zombie that would be beautiful" - Kristy V.


32.  When you bore people to death with your constant banter about camera gear!!! - Kellie N.


33.   Go to a work party at a minor league baseball game and have no idea what the score is because you were more interested in the pretty lenses the official photographers have. - Roxanne E.
34.  All your "snapshots" are taken with a DSLR in RAW. - Roxanne E.
35.  Offer to friends to just take their kid's school picture so they don't have to buy the crappy shots from the school photographer. - Roxanne E.
36.  When your camera gear is worth more than your car. - Roxanne E.
37.  When you buy weird, cute outfits that you'll never wear except "I want to do a photo shoot in this!" (like the shirt in my profile pic). - Roxanne E.


38.  When you leave your camera home your absolutely lost! Needs to be at my side at all times lol - Amanda Z.


39.  When you have a complete wish list consisting of only photo gear and know exactly which piece you want next because you have read every review! - Venessa P.


40.  When you yell for your camera to take pictures of your newborn as the nurses tend to him, immediately after labor. - Dana T.


41.  Your four year old, as she's posing for a picture says, "Is this the best light Mommy?" - Wee Three Sparrows


42.  When your wardrobe is comprised completely of photography related t-shirts - Stephanie Lee P.


43.  You randomly contemplate the "kelvin" number of sunlight ... a lot. - Meggie B.


44.  Old decrepit barns make you get all warm and fuzzy inside. - Hope J.


45.  When you can look at something and already have the image in your head what you want it to look like!! - Julie Mains H.


46.  When your walking through the electronic section (particularly the camera area) and your 2 year old yells " smile!" - Nicole H.


47.  Maybe some won't get this,, but when you always have black electrical tape in your camera bag. - Sue B.


48.  When you constantly see things that could be photographed no matter where you go and you'll stop at the side of the road (even when you're late for work) because you can't pass up another perfect sunrise. - Rachel P.


49.  When you say oh look at that and the kids yell and say no mom you don't need to stop and take more pictures. - Tiffany K.


50.  I see paint colors in relationship to Kelvin lol - Stacie J.


51.  When a friend brings their new baby to come visit and you go pull out the camera. "Just to snap a few" and it turns Into an hour of shooting. No visiting. - Crystal B.


52.  When you notice the bokeh in a movie more than the actors. - Stacie J.


53.  Your children hide every time they see you with a camera.
54.  Your amazon wish list is all about photography gear.
55.  Your dog becomes your testing model.
56.  You own more expensive camera bags than purses.
57.  When you pull your hair because you regret not bringing your camera during sunset....I mean during your kids football practice. - Chris N.


58.  You find random lens caps in odd places like the car glove box. When your kid gets invited to parties, in hopes you will bring your camera along. - Katie B.


59.  When your niece's mum asks her 'what does aunty do when she comes around' - she holds up a imaginary camera and yells 'cheese'! - Aj S.


60.  When you tell your kids to go change because you already have pictures of them with those clothes on and they have trouble finding something! - Jeannie M.


61.  You stop people mid sentence to write down an idea in that crazy massive journal all because they said one word and you know you'll forget it all. And you steal your husband's truck every weekend to haul props. - Madeline W.


62.  You pretty much only log into Facebook for the photography groups you are in or your photography page. I have no clue what my real friends are up to these days. - Sparkle H.


63.  Your on your pc at 3 am on a Monday night. - Jacqui G.


64.  If when on a road trip you are constantly finding good spots to stop for a shoot....nevermind you are 3 states away from home! - Angele H.


65.  You look at a location and think yeah, I can make the work for a photo shoot! - Amy D.


66.  When you are constantly finding SD/CF cards in odd places, wondering 'what drive did i save that on?' and loosing your mind over wanting to shoot at dawn or dusk and no one else wants to.  - Rachel K.


67.  You only purchase clothing for your kids that coordinate & photograph well! - Janel M.


68.   A hard drive crash will cause you to have a stint in the loony bin. - Amanda C.


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