Step by Step Instructions: How To Setup Google Authorship

Why you should set up Google Authorship

Google Authorship is an incredible way to link you as a human, as a writer, your blogs, your links, your content, your voice and connects them to your Google+ Profile.  Basically it is creating your identity across the web and connecting the dots.   Taking this one step further, it also creates a very pleasing result in Google Search when one of your articles/posts shows up.  

How to set up Google Analytics


1. Link your content to your Google profile

This part may seem tricky because there are multiple ways to get this done.  

Option 1:  Adding A Link In Your Website

We have found the easiest way to get Google Authorship placed on your site is to use a plugin such as All In One SEO for Wordpress and enter your Google+ info.  

This tool is great because it will ask you what pages inside your blog should include the Google Author script.  There is a theory that this type of action should only be done on original content and NOT home pages or archive lists.  For this purpose we have Colorvale's set to Posts and Pages only.  

A tool like this will supply the necessary code on the appropriate pages which tells Google the following:  

<a href=“”>Stacie Jensen</a>  

Gross, who wants to add the code?! Let's let the plugin do it for us. See below how using a plugin can add code to selected pages of your site with virtually no work from you.  


How to set up Google Analytics


Option 2:  Email Verification (if email shares same domain ONLY)

If your email address matches your domain name (e.g. the process for email verification is very easy.  If your email address does not match the domain name you will have to use the 1st option listed above.  
  1. Simply type your email address here and Google will verify.
  2. Important:  Each page or post on your site should have an author byline which google will look for (e.g. By Stacie Jensen).  There are many wordpress plugins that will do this for you such as All In One SEO
  3. Your authorship will now be linked to your Google+ Profile


    2. Add your links to your Google+ Profile

    Click the About Tab on your google+ profile.  Scroll down to the Links section.  You will find an Edit button at the bottom of this list.  


    How to set up Google Analytics


    Scroll to the section called Contributor To and then click Add custom link.  When finished click "Save"  

    How to set up Google Analytics


    3. Verify That You Have Completed The Process Correctly

      Here is what it will look like IF you have successfully completed all tasks.  


    How to set up Google Analytics

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