The Challenges & Tips On How To Pose Male Seniors

The Challenges & Tips On  How To Pose Male Seniors

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Photographing males can sometimes be a challenge.  

Let’s face it, generally they have much better things to do then pose for photographers.  

As a matter of fact during my last photo session I asked my client what he would rather be doing, because I knew it was a loaded question.  

There was no way he wanted to be up on a Saturday morning this early staring into my lens.  He quickly, and I mean without an ounce of hesitation, replied “Sleeping!  I would rather be sleeping!” (All images below are edited with Colorvale Photoshop Actions - see them here)


Top 3 Challenges For Male Seniors

Challenge 1 - Keeping client awake!

Challenge 2 - Making it look like he wants to be there .

Challenge 3 - Not every male senior is into sports so relying on standard poses with a jersey and football won't work for everyone.

If you search for senior posing you will no doubt see a ton of polished and posed young ladies and a few sports themed young men, but natural male poses are hard to come by. So, we put together some great ideas for your next male senior photo session.  


#1 Leaning

Leaning always gives a more relaxed feel to someone not comfortable or who doesn't know what to do with their body.  It is also okay for a male subject's body to be directly facing the camera. It gives them a strong masculine frame something you would avoid with females. When standing and leaning have your client cross the foot closest to the wall over the outside leg.  This creates more depth while making the client look more relaxed.



#2 Sitting

Find a structure to sit on with vegetation to frame the picture. Sitting can help take away the awkward jitters. Having your client sit and lean in toward you creates a masculine but relaxed look.  Stairs are a great alternative if you can't find a bench.


#3 Looking Away

Looking away from the camera allows the subject to relax a bit not feeling the pressure to smile constantly.  No staring contest with the lens means no constant blinking. This lack of eye contact can create a pensive mood in your images.  Have them place their hands on the structure around and tuck a free hand in their pocket. 


#4 Up close & personal 

It is okay to take tight shots with subject slightly below you and head turned upward creates great connection and look at that strong  jaw line. 



#5 Interests

Finding out what makes your subject comfortable such as playing the piano can break the ice and also create amazing shots. 


#6 Framed

Use tight spaces or enclosed areas to frame your subject.  The strong lines add a masculine feel to the image while bringing the focus in toward the subject. 


#7 Get Down Low

You can get multiple shots from this simple seated pose which a great alternative if there is not bench or stairs.  The bright colored graffiti creates beautiful bokeh in the background.  As you move closer or from side to side you can get different effects.


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  • Great tips and cool images/poses. Always learning, especially when posing male seniors. Gotta make sure they look “cool.” That’s typically what they’re after….

    Waybright Photography on
  • Great post!!!! :) Great photos!!!!

    Connie Etter on
  • You are so welcome :) xoxo

    Stacie Jensen on
  • love this! Great tips and I love the angles you worked at the law quad! If you’re local I would love to meet you!! :)

    Amanda on
  • I am shooting my first male senior portrait tomorrow. I know this post is about relaxing him, but I think it is going to relax me more. Thanks.

    Brian halbach on

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