6 Important Tips for adding a 2nd shooter to your photography business

6 Important Tips for adding a 2nd shooter to your photography business

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Life gets busy.  We know this.

Sometimes, and much of the time for wedding photographers, having a second shooter is a must.

We have put together some great documents to help decide if you need a second shooter, define roles as a second shooter, plan, and more!


To begin, it's important to find out IF a second shooter is necessary.  

Read this great article that helps you understand what a 2nd shooter can do for you & why you might need one (read it here)


Tips for having a second shooter

And because this website is all about sharing the tips we know can help you, we created a list of things to ensure your second shooter is prepared for this big day (read here).


What is your role as a second shooter (expectations & tips)

There are so many things a lead photographer must be responsible for during a wedding.  As a 2nd shooter you are there to provide assistance, backup and overall support!  We've got the tips for you (read here)


Checklist for 2nd shooter plan

Next, think of this as your checklist for preparing a second shooter (read here).  


Free 2nd Shooter Expectations Document

Download this FREE 2nd Shooter expectations document (give this to your 2nd) - define the roles and procedures necessary to make this relationship possible (get it here)


Get a contract & get it signed!

Not kidding you.  Contracts are not something you can skip over when owning a business!  This is vital when sharing roles as main shooter and 2nd shooter.  Cover your tale! (get it here)


Tips for adding a 2nd shooter to your photography business 

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