Tips on how to photograph wedding rings

Tips on  how to photograph wedding rings

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I just have to say that I absolutely love rings so so very much.

I can’t get enough of photographing rings.

Rings are super fun and easy to photograph so it should not be one of those things that turns stressful trying to put a lot of thought into it. One very important tip for photographing rings that will make your life easier is use a macro lens. It will allow you to get closer to the ring and show really awesome details.

It will also help you to get the best creative ring pictures. I get asked how do I get my inspiration for my ring pictures.  I usually have no clue how I am going to set up the rings until I actually get to the wedding.

Even if I have an idea in my head it may not work depending on the sizes of the rings. It also depends on what items I can find at the wedding.  I usually wait until I have the rings in my hand and can see how they fit with together each other to set them up. .


Ring Inside A Ring

A picture like this only works if the Bride’s ring will fit in the Groom’s ring snug. If the Groom’s ring is really big and the Bride’s ring is really small the ring will just fall over. So having this in my head prior to the wedding is not always going to work out the way I would love.

This is the reason I wait until I have both rings to think of ideas of what to do. If the rings will fit together nicely then I love taking shots like this because you don’t need anything special to put them on you just need the rings.  


Flowers or Bouquets

When I want to incorporate other things into the ring pictures what I do is I look for items to put the rings on. Pretty much anything that is part of the wedding day will work out great to use for photographing the rings.

The Flower bouquet is always a good choice. You can get creative with the rings on the flowers so if you use flowers at every wedding you can still get awesome ring images.  Don't forget to place the ring on the flowers in different spots. You don’t always have to use the flowers, the stems look really cool too.  



You can’t go wrong with candy. If the Bride & Groom are having a candy buffet use some of the candy to put the rings on. Candy buffets are my favorite because there are so many creative things you can do with the rings. It is like endless possibilities right in front of you.



On The Bride & Groom - of course :)

If you can’t find anything to put the rings on, then photograph the rings on the Bride and Groom.   



Engagements Sessions are a bit different for me. 

I also really have no idea how I am going to photograph the ring until I arrive at the location. Once I am at the location I look for small items or flowers at the location to use. I use anything that is at the location that I think will make an awesome image.  



At this engagement session we were at the beach so I used some driftwood to put the ring on.   I hope this helps you dig deeper and find some new inspiration on different ways to photograph the rings!   XOXO Mandy 


My name is Mandy I have 2 amazing boys and an absolutely amazing husband that is very supportive of my photography. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I just heart everything about photography. I am obsessed with code red, Penn Station, Nachos and watching True Blood. (Guest Blogger)

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  • Great shots! Would love to know what lens this is?

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