Top 6 tools to help photographers grow their business

Top 6 tools to help photographers grow their business

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The key to success is having the proper tools to help you! Download a copy of this guide here 


1.  Photographer's Planner

From organizing your phenomenal photo sessions to scheduling time for editing, placing orders, developing unstoppable marketing strategies, seamlessly managing client workflow, and surpassing revenue goals, we’ve got you covered. (In glitter, and quite possibly a stylish A-line skirt.) Grab Yours Here


2.  Client Workflow & Session Organizer

Get to know new clients, plan their session, track your entire workflow, record details like the discount you applied to their prints, the actions used to give a uniform look, and what their favorite products were.   Sounds great, right? Well here’s the icing on the cake: this Little Black Book™ will give you the ability to give your clients that personal touch they deserve. They want to know they are more than just another client to you. - Order Yours Here  


3.  Location Scouting Book

The Location Scouting book for Photographers will encompass all of your location notes and need-to-know info for all of your shooting hot spots and possibilities. It’s hard to keep all of this info in your head and figuring it out on the fly is only going to create more work for you. Give yourself and your business an even more professional edge by jotting down location must-knows today so you aren’t left scrambling to find a new spot when a problem arises.  Track: permits, cost, contact info, type of location, description, parking situation, highlights of the area, lighting, colors, difficulties, mileage and notes. Start Tracking Your Locations Now   


4.  Accounting For Photographers

Tax time does not have to be a nightmare any longer! Colorvale has developed a very easy to use and great way to track sales, purchases, yearly summary reports, banking, mileage, etc in this one accounting system. - Grab It Here  


5.  Session Pricing Calculator

Knowing what to charge in relation to expenses, time & need is the key to your business success.  Make sure you are charging what you need to make a profit & cover expenses.  We have built this awesome calculator to do the work FOR YOU! - Price Your Sessions Properly With This Calculator  


6.  Product Ordering & Session Organizer

Keep track of the who, what, when, where and whys of your business with these notepads designed specifically for photographers.  Use these tools to plan mini sessions and track payment, complete client orders that looks so professional they can be used as an invoice, or use the session checklist so you have everything you need to have a successful shoot. Product Ordering click here & Session Organizing click here


Top 6 tools to help photographers grow their business

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