How to use social media to get new clients

Easy ... cater to them!

What do I mean by that?

Become a resource for your target market, not just a photographer.

Become someone they find has valuable info, tips and tricks for their needs.

Think about this:  say you need an electrician to hang some lights in your house.  You have a local electrician that you follow on Facebook who ALWAYS provides awesome tips to new homeowners.  You started following him because you bought your first house & he shares awesome things that have helped you along the way (not just electrical things).  Now you need an electrician, and he is the first one to pop in your head.  Bam!  His social media tactics paid off!

The #1 mistake I see photographers making on social media is simply posting their client photos, sales pitches and memes.  

What are you sharing that makes you a value to potential clients?

It's not previous sessions.

It's not your next mini session.

It's the tips & tricks that make their current obstacles more easy to tackle.


Here's how:

Pretend you are a newborn photographer.  You start a month long campaign on getting pregnant moms to follow you.

Why? Because these are your ideal clients.

Even if they aren't local, if you post valuable (and sharable) content they will help grow your reach with other pregnant moms.

So you start posting tips every few days on how to get through the summer heat with a baby bump.  You share tips on how to prepare a hospital bag.  You share tips on how to sooth a newborn.  You share some great outside blog posts you found from other online sources that will catch their eye such as a local sale on diapers etc.

You just became that pregnant mothers favorite social media site to follow.  Yes, she isn't ready to book just yet.  Heck, she might not even know she needs you yet.  But what it is doing is creating a resource in her mind.  She remembers you because you helped her.  She will share your posts because most likely she has friends who are also pregnant.

This is true marketing!  

This is where you start to book clients before they ever need you.

This is the #1 way to get social media to help you grow your clientele.

Try it.  30 days.  I challenge you.  For the next 30 days devote your social media page to everything you know that can help your target market.

Social media doesn’t need to be scary or a mystery.  Let me teach you how to grow your audience and keep them engaged!

I’ve got the solution for you, right here! In this 21 page PDF we will break down how to grow your following, how to discover their needs, what to post to get them to engage, how to draw traffic to your website and automate it so that you aren’t married to your computer!  In this book we dive deep into the things that have grown my business using social media & Google.  See why I post what I do and how you can translate that into your own biz.

What’s included in this PDF ebook:

  • Client discovery worksheet
  • Why social media isn’t working for you now
  • What you can do to change that
  • How to understand your target market
  • What types of posts are most effective
  • Proper techniques to schedule social posts
  • How to automate
  • and more!



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