5 tips on how to save an overexposed image in Lightroom

Wedding photographers, you've been there.

It's bright, heck outdoor weddings are many times subjected to full sun.

What do you do?

Much of the time you adjust in camera to ensure you don't hard work ahead of you.

But often this isn't possible.

Why?  Because you are all over the place.  Changing direction.  Working fast not to miss a shot.  Running around ... lake a mad woman with a camera.

That's where apps like Photoshop and Lightroom can save the day.

Recently one of our favorite photogs, Nina Bashaw, sent me an incredible before & after using her favorite Lightroom preset collection called "Dirty Little Secrets" (see it here).  

She was especially excited because it quickly recovered highlights without over editing her image or destroying skin tones.



"My favorite preset collection! I am in love with these presets! I love how they work with no matter what your editing style is and they are easy to use and tweak to your personal preference. My favorite part is how they give just enough changes to the images without over processing the photos! Also the presets give the skin tones a natural and beautiful look. I can't say enough about these presets, they have helped me so much when editing weddings and senior portrait sessions. What usually use to take me weeks to edit, I can now have a clients gallery ready in a matter of days. I'm obsessed with these presets!!!"


Here are some tips to ensure you save an overexposed image

Shoot in RAW.  

No questions asked.  If you want to save an image, RAW will help you easily get there.  To read more about the benefits of raw please read here.


Use the Highlight slider in Lightroom.  

This is magical.  Pulling it to the left will bring back some of the lost highlights.

How to fix an overexposed image in Lightroom


Use the Whites slider in Lightroom.  

Again moving this to the left will darken the whites in your photo. (see screenshot above)


Turn down the Exposure slider.  

Moving this to the left will drop the exposure slightly to bring back details. (see screenshot above)


Use presets

Using presets such as Dirty Little Secret, like Nina did, which will get you the proper exposure & toning.  This preset collection, especially, will get you to the end result without a million clicks + retain beautiful skin tones.


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