Why you should compare yourself to other photographers

I know this is going to sound crazy.

Heck, even saying it out loud to myself does (without context behind it).

The fact is, humans are driven by competition.

Many of us have a competitive nature by default.

And if you are really good at it, the word “competition” doesn’t have to have a negative connotation.

It can be a healthy way to push yourself to the next level.


Competition can help challenge you to grow and avoid complacency.

Competition can help you be more self aware. 

It will help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, it’s ok to have weaknesses.  We are, in fact, human after all.

Competition creates focus and determination, which is necessary in business.

It is imperative to be always be seeking next level status in this entrepreneurial world.

Lets face it, this industry is overly saturated.

Everyday a new artist is born.  

Many are hungry and ready to become the next "hot" photographer in your area.

And ya know what?  If they are eager enough, driven enough, and striving for “best” status then they deserve it.

Harsh?  No.  True!  

Anyone willing to pull up their britches and get to work deserves the success they create.

So you need to be just as ready, just as hungry, just as ravenous.


Photo by Brooke Cagle

One of my current photog crushes is Brooke Cagle (her photo above - eeekk love it!)


Get fired up.

Let it be your fuel.

Finding an artist that you are all kinds of crushing over is the perfect way to address your growth (and even measure it).

This competition journey shouldn’t be a personal bashing session.

I don’t want you to say “why am I not as good” or “I’ll never be like that”.  

What I want you to do is look at where they are currently.

Know that they once were where you are today.

Then appreciate their hard work and where it got them.

Know that you, too, can get there.

Look at their business from all points of view.

From skills, to marketing.

This doesn’t mean you should replicate, copy or emulate them.

It means you should take it all in, and see what makes them successful.

How hard do they work to get there?

Soon you will be able to take this information and integrate it into your own business adventure.

Many times people want the win, but they don’t put the effort in to make it happen.

Are you willing to put in the man hours?  

Because I promise you that the amazing photographer you are all kinds of giddy over is busting tail.

So if you want that status, be ready to work for it.


Photo by Brooke Cagle

Once again another amazing Brooke Cagle photograph.


Appreciating other artists, and their work, can help you grow. 

Embrace competition, in a healthy way.

Be ok with seeing someone and feeling like they are at a different level, because you can use that competition to excel your business.

Always want more.

Always be willing to learn more.

Always look for a next level win.


Comment below your favorite photographer. 

Tell us what you love about their business.

We love to check out the work of those making a name for themselves in this industry.


While you are at it, pin this image to help spread the positivity in this industry.  Let's make a change.

Why you should compare yourself to other photographers, as crazy as that sounds!

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