Don't fall into the trap of being like every other photographer out there

Is our industry saturated with the same type of photographers?

Are you one of them?

I was.  Until I got sick of being a rerun.

Rather than find yourself in photography "cliques", oh lord no more high school please, go look for those inspirations that are beyond words "different".

You don't have to love their art, just look at how they are doing it for the true inspiration of their project.

It doesn't even have to look good to you, you'll be able to spot someone who is creating for themselves. And this is artistic motivation!

You will be woken with excitement to do YOUR OWN THING.

Commonality is what makes it harder for you to be picked by a client. You are just another apple in the bag if you are like those around you.

So easily we are drawn in by the top 10 industry leader styles but what makes theirs "the best"? Popularity? Again, it's just all high school.

A high profile name does not equal true talent. I find photographers so deep into their art they don't care about fame or Facebook likes. And I am more inspired by them!

Comment below and tell me someone you LOVE that is NOT high profile and not the traditional "fill-in-leader-name" copycat.

I want to see true outside-of-the-box talent.    

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  • Tyler Rippel

    I have been incredibly impressed and inspired by the work of Marina Koslow. Her film work is incredibly beautiful, and has so much more life and color than the hundreds of other film shooters that always have super bright, pastel colored, blown out photographs. Not that there’s anything wrong with bright Fuji 400H, but it doesn’t have to be every single frame! She is at

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