Pinterest Dominance

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Stop wasting your time on social media platforms + tactics that don't work.

Imagine learning how to attract the right type of followers on your Pinterest that will result in more engagement, more traffic to your blog (or website) & boosting your clientele + sessions.

What if I told you this is all possible & that I can show you how?!  

This e-book will provide you the exact strategies I used to turn Pinterest into a marketing success!

Pinterest is an amazing tool for photographers and will help grow your website traffic WITHOUT paying for a single ad.  That's huge when places like Facebook barely show you to anyone these days.

When potential clients land on your website from Pinterest they will have the opportunity to contact you, book you & forever become a fan!

With this e-book and 10 minutes of focused action a day, you’ll learn to grow your Pinterest following in a way that’ll drive potential clients, sales, and web traffic, exactly where you want ‘em to go.

You can make Pinterest work for your business, just like I’ve made it work for mine.

This very second, I have 78k Pinterest followers and an audience reach of almost 2.3 million a month. But more than that, Pinterest is my #1 largest source of blog traffic -- Google being #2 & Facebook being #3. (This is huge, you guys.)

This generated over 11.5k unique visitors on my blog (from Pinterest alone) for the month of November!

Do you know why we work hard building large followings?

Because going viral means you reach more people.

The increase in followers & reach means an increase in clients & sales

Who is this e-book for:

  • Anyone with a blog that wants more traffic & more potential clients
  • Anyone who wants to step up their Pinterest presence & find the right type of “follower” that will help you organically grow your traffic
  • Anyone who understands that it takes action to see results

Who is this e-book not for:

  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time or care to make Pinterest your #1 source of traffic.  Hint:  this only takes less than 1 hour per week
  • Anyone not willing to work to see results 
  • Anyone who doesn’t need more traffic or more money  

What we’ll cover in the e-book:

  • Attracting the right type of Pinterest follower so they translate into increased web traffic 
  • Creating perfect pins that catalyze viral results.
  • Integrating effective Pinterest action items & marketing strategies straight into your weekly workflow.
  • Transforming your Pinterest identity to highlight how valuable you are to your industry.
  • Best practices for pinning what interests the people who matter most to you—potential customers.
  • Driving more traffic to your site (obviously).
  • Gaining boatloads of exposure for your business and increasing sales.
  • Becoming a Pinterest powerhouse & taking your company to a whole ‘nother level.


"When I went through this PDF course I created a brand new account on Pinterest. In 3 weeks I had 100k views." - Easton Reynolds - Founder/CEO/Owner at The Art of Six Figures

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Pinterest Dominance - for photographers -
Pinterest Dominance - for photographers -
Pinterest Dominance - for photographers -
Pinterest Dominance - for photographers -
Pinterest Dominance - for photographers -