Location Scouting

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Have you ever shown up to a session and your location was not what you envisioned?

Scouting locations is part of our job as photographers.

Imagine having one place to put all of the juicy location details, notes, and important information to easily access on a moment’s notice. It’s here!

The Location Scouting worksheet will encompass all of your location notes and need-to-know info for all of your shooting hot spots and possibilities. It’s hard to keep all of this info in your head and figuring it out on the fly is only going to create more work for you. Give yourself and your business an even more professional edge by jotting down location must-knows today so you aren’t left scrambling to find a new spot when a problem arises.

Track: permits, cost, contact info, type of location, description, parking situation, highlights of the area, lighting, colors, difficulties, mileage and notes.

The important deets:

Software Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader (Instant Download)

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