How To Download My Actions & Files

Downloading your very awesome products is super simple. Notice that you have an “Account” button at the top of any page. Click this and you will have a plethora of great things at your fingertips. Look under “Available Downloads” and you will be in business.

IMPORTANT!!  I certainly don’t need to be your mother so I will just remind you a couple million times, ok that does sound like a mother, but any who, PLEASE save the zip file before installing.  It helps to put this somewhere other than your computer in case of a freak failure.  It’s been known to happen to this gal here!

ALSO IMPORTANT!!  You have two downloads with each purchased product.  This means you need to be mindful and NOT double click the link which will count for two.  Click ONCE and let your computer do your thing!

WHAT’S NEXT, AFTER DOWNLOADING?  Simple.  Just unzip the product and get to installing.  Here is a tutorial to help you.


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