How To Install Lightroom Presets

Once you have purchased your favorite Lightroom Presets you will need to begin the installation process which is fairly simple to do.

  • Unzip or Extract the Lightroom Presets you purchased
  • Open Lightroom
  • Right Click on the “User Presets” Panel and click “New Folder” this will help you organize your presets from different sets rather than add to a growing list
  • Create a folder name for your new presets.  This can be the name of the collection or create a “Favorite Lightroom Presets” folder.
  • Now that the folder is created you will need to import the new presets by right clicking on this newly created folder and selecting “Import“.
  • A box will appear asking you what files you wish to include.  You will need to locate the product folder you purchased and unzipped.  Only select the preset template files (lrtemplate).


See visual step by step instructions on how to install Lightroom Presets here

And that is it.  Your Lightroom Presets are now organized and ready for experimenting with.



How To Install Lightroom Preset Brushes

To find out where your brushes are located you can go to Preferences>Presets>Show Lightroom Presets Folder


Portrait Brushes are usually stored in the Local Adjustments Presets folder under Lightroom.  Once you find where yours are located you will copy and paste the files you purchased here.  Remember this is ONLY for portrait brush presets.

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