No more frantically jumping from preset to preset, faceplanting on your desk at the end of the day because you feel like you haven’t actually accomplished anything. 

We designed our presets with functionality in mind, so they fit all photographers and all photos.  Simply adjust the exposure after you select your favorite preset.  Done, did, deal!

Breakthrough - Lightroom Presets for Photographers

Introducing: Breakthrough Presets Collection

Do you seek the lush appearance of film-infused edits but not quite sure how to execute them? Look no further. This collection of Lightroom Presets will create creamy skin tones that are perfect for portraits while delicately (or optionally bold) film enhancements.

The Session Planner by Colorvale
The Session Planner

It's Time To Get Organized.

This planner has a beautiful design that makes it simple to become organized, manage time, & implement customer care. You won’t find anything on the market more thorough for session organization, details & planning. This planner includes: client contact info, session planning, special needs, payment, contract, deadline, location, entire workflow, editing, ordering, client page index and so much more.

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