“Why am I not booking, why am I not getting traffic, why am I not as good as my competitor”


“Why am I not booking, why am I not getting traffic, why am I not as good as my competitor”

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Success doesn’t come from lack of effort.

It doesn’t come from “wanting” it.

It comes from taking the necessary actions to achieve it.

Ask yourself this … Why is it that I don’t have the success that I dream of?

Then ask yourself at what ends of earth would you walk to get to that point? If the answer has limits then so does your success.

The truth is, I hear so many people say why … “Why am I not booking?”  “Why am I not getting traffic?”  “Why am I not as good as my competitor?”

But damn it, the answer is within you. You CAN be all of those things if you stop asking why and start doing the tasks necessary to get there. But first you must realize that it takes education & effort to make it happen. You must be willing to listen, you must be willing to work, you must be willing to do it even when you don’t want to.

People don’t hold anything over you, they are where they are because they made it happen. So if you are someone asking “why” then it means you simply aren’t applying what you need to get there. Now this doesn’t mean you must be where someone else is, it just means that if you put it out into the world as a “want” then you have to do the actions to make it happen.

So many times I hear people buy webinars, mentorships or even my business planner and never use them. Never apply what they learned. This makes no sense to me. Why invest in something if you can’t invest in yourself? Why purchase something to better yourself and then never gain from it? This is similar to buying a meal and throwing it away. Rather than eating it and nourishing your body, you bought it & tossed it. Help me wrap my head around this … What is the advantage to not applying something that will greatly increase your success?

Be a sponge.

Be a go-getter.

Get that win.

But make the shit happen or otherwise someone else will be the one to take the opportunity … And you best believe they will be the one that succeeds.

Why do I have the right to say this? Because I was there! I was 16 and pregnant. Because I was 17 with a child. Because I tore my ass to shreds making sure I did EVERYTHING in my power for my “want”. Because that “want” was success and a better life for my son. Because it was me who made sure I learned and then rinse/repeated everything to get this point. And here I am, a 37 year old woman, with 2 children, married and owning a 6 figure company. This company didn’t come to me, people didn’t make it happen, I do DAILY! Did I mention all the other sad obstacles in my life? Nah … I don’t want to bore you … The list is too long. The point is I’m nothing special. I’m just a woman who decided I would go get what I want.

People who say “I don’t have time” don’t truly desire the end result. You have to make time. And if you need help managing that time (and your business) snag the Lights. Camera. Take Action planner (shameless plug) because it will truly push you to accomplish these “wants”. But wait … DO NOT BUY IT IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO DO THE WORK because this baby is jam packed with exhausting & relentless business tasks of a successful photographer who’s willing to put the time in. There are plenty of day planners out there that are just as beautiful as mine that won’t ask you to do anything other than write down your schedule. Oh and by the way, we don’t want to be known as a pretty planner … That’s just surface. We want to be known as the beast of a business planner.

SEE IT HERE … Only if you plan to make a change.

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