About Colorvale

Stacie Jensen, owner of Colorvale


Let me introduce myself.  My name is Stacie Jensen.  I'm the owner & designer here at Colorvale.

I help photographers crush their editing workflow, get them back to doing what they love most -- photographing and create professional finishes to their images.


About Colorvale®

Colorvale was built on the mission to provide an online resource for photographers where information is plentiful, friendships are forged on trust and high quality products are built to make new & professional photographers successful.

You will find at Colorvale our standards are very high.  And why not, we have over 15 years of experience in this field to make that possible.  We are taking all of that knowledge and creating the highest quality products available.

Our products are tested on photos by photographers like you. If something isn’t quite right, we don’t put it out there. Old-school, quality craftmenship isn’t taken lightly here. It is the only way we operate! At Colorvale®, high quality isn’t just fluff. It’s the truth! Photography, editing, & workflow products are simply what we do.

We are so happy you stopped by our store, please take your time and look around.  You will find that we carry a vast array of products and information that will help you learn as well as progress your business.  You will see why Colorvale is a cut above the rest.  We look forward to working with you.


Why choose Colorvale®

At Colorvale we recognize that one of the most time consuming parts of your job as a photographer is editing your images.  Time is such a valuable asset that we have made it part of our mission to provide the highest quality Photoshop ActionsPresets and Photography Templates.

Our actions and templates are designed with quality and ease-of-use in mind.  Actions are such a valuable tool because they remove a multitude of steps from the editing process and save you an incredible amount of time.  Stacie Jensen, Colorvale’s owner and CEO is absolutely passionate about providing quality actions that deliver the results you need in as few steps as possible.  Her 15 years of experience in graphic design and Photoshop make her uniquely qualified in the industry to provide you with a product that delivers the ultimate in retouching capability.  Colorvale collections are loaded with a host of wonderful actions designed in a way to give your product the beautiful finish you are looking for with the minimum amount of clicks from your mouse.


Our Mission

We wanna knock your socks off! After using a Colorvale® product, we want you to feel like your job couldn’t have been simpler & think ‘that was easy!’ We want you to be surprised at how quickly you are able to rock out edits each & every time. Our mission is to leave you confident in quickly editing your images to your standards & imaginative style with our products. We want you to be so wow-ed by us that you just have to tell everyone about Colorvale® like we’re the juiciest business secret you’ve got!


Our Promise

We’re not gonna stop. We will put care & cause into each and every product we offer. We will continue to educate & inspire you and maybe even pour you a glass of wine at the end of the day. We will be your go-to place when you need a little pick me up & celebrate your achievements with you. Join our community today or read our blog for photographers!


Our Philosophy

When you’re confident, you’ll shine. Imagine what you can focus on when you’re confident editing is quick, easy, and resulting in the style you strive for? Download our actions to give yourself a smooth workflow & a little (or hell, maybe a lot!) of free time. What would you do with more YOU time?