Why do I need to create an account again? I have had an account with Colorvale in the past.

Well, just like the times, everything is changing and evolving.  Colorvale has recently changed website platforms and though we were able to move some things, accounts were not one of them.  Please make sure that you create a new account for any new purchases.



Where do I put a discount code?

Discount codes can be entered on the CHECKOUT page.  On mobile you must first put in your information such as email.



How can I get a refund?

Due to the fact that these are digital items no refunds are given.  Please see the terms & conditions.


How do I get my download files after purchase?

Great news, the files are ready for download immediately after purchase.  No waiting necessary!  You can download them on the checkout page or via the confirmation email.


If you don't see an email please go to your spam or junk and search for an email from hello@colorvaleactions.com

Make sure that you are at a computer and ready to back up your files.  With your purchase you will be able to download your files twice.  Be mindful though, you MUST backup your files.  Colorvale is not responsible for lost or damaged files.  You will have to repurchase at a later date if you do not backup and lose them.  


We always suggest using a cloud type service such as Google Drive or Dropbox to secure your files.  Upon purchasing you have access to your two downloads for 60 days.  After that the links will expire.  You will not have the ability to redownload after these 60 days.  Please see the terms & conditions.

The file I downloaded says "not compatible".  Why is that?

The file downloaded is a zip folder. You will need to "Unzip" this to retrieve the files associated with your software.

Do my downloads come with the program to open them?
No. Our products are to be used with a program not supplied by Colorvale. Please read each product description to see what program it is compatible with.