Hiking Adventure Series: Test driving the Sony A6500

Recently I have discovered that outdoor adventures are what my family enjoys most.

We've fallen hard for biking & hiking.

The issue with documenting these excursions is that my Nikon D3s is far too heavy & intrusive for some rugged terrain.

So what do I do?  Head on over to a group of photographers who aren't as lazy as I once was, and ask for camera advice.

The Sony A6500 was quickly voted most popular.

I ran to Amazon, my favorite shopping place, and ordered her up!

I also snagged the Sigma 16mm 1.4 because I knew that I wanted a lot of area in my frame.

Shopping for gear ... I mean, who doesn't love doing that?

So without further babbling, here is today's hike at Mayberry Park, MI.

First 5 miles on the books.



Let's mark this as the cleanest our hiking boots will ever be again.

  • Kurt's boots:  Oboz Sawtooth Mid BDry Hiking Boots - Men's
  • My boots:  La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX Hiking Boots - Women's

Welcome to day 1 of the Hiking Adventures Series.



When buying our hiking gear at REI we asked where a local hiking spot would be that can give our boots a little work out.  They pointed us over to Mayberry Park, so off we go!

I'm excited to try out this new camera.   Though it's a completely different brand than I am use to shooting, it's actually super easy to navigate through.

 Ready.  Set.  Start your engines.  Off we go.



We started the day off at 78 degrees, so this shouldn't be too bad at all.  I'm not about that sweat life.  I want to see pretty things, and smell good while doing it.  Novice ... I know.



Years ago I broke my foot, and unfortunately it still catches up with me.  A quick break to let the numbness wear off, drink a little water and I was back up and running.

  • Socks by Darn Tough - Light Hiker Crew