How to install Lightroom Presets


Installing presets is easier than ever with all the updates from Lightroom!

In the video below I will walk you through this easy to do 2 step process


Step 1 - Create Folder

In the preset panel right click > New Folder > Name it by the preset collection you purchased


Step 2 - Import Files

Now click the new folder you created & right click again > Import > Select all the files from your preset purchase



Click here to get the presets in this video





To find out where your brushes are located you can go to Preferences>Presets>Show Lightroom Presets Folder


Portrait Brushes are usually stored in the Local Adjustments Presets folder under Lightroom.  Once you find where yours are located you will copy and paste the files you purchased here.  Remember this is ONLY for portrait brush presets.