How to use your digital planner with Xodo

- Save the planner to DropBox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive

- Open the Xodo app on your phone or tablet 

- Tap on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper left corner 

- In that menu (near the bottom) tap on Dropbox (or other other cloud provider you used) 

xodo planner

- Click the planner file to open 


Using Xodo: 

- Tap on one of the months

- Tap at the top of the screen to show the top menu bar, there you will find the left menu (used before when opening the file) and icons for searching, sharing, settings, Xodo Connect and Editing (pencil). 

- Tap the editing icon to open all the writing/drawing options. Tap once to select the tool, if there is a white triangle in the corner you can double tap for additional features (size, colours, opacity etc). 

- You may use the Freehand tool to use a stylus


Moving left to right the icons are: 

o Sticky Note 

o Text Highlighting Tool 

o Text Strikeout Tool 

o Text Underline Tool 

o Text Squiggly Tool 

o Signature Tool 

o Freehand Tool 

o Eraser Tool 

o Free Text Tool 

o Free Highlighter Tool 

o Line Tool 

o Rectangle Tool 

o Multi-Select Tool 

o Pan Tool 

o Close Toolbar (“X”) – takes you back to navigation 

o Additional (tap on the 3 vertical dots): Undo & Redo 


- When you tap on text you can ‘tap & hold’ to reposition it or access a few simplified actions for the selected text – formatting, expanded viewing area (for easy editing on large volumes of text), copy text and delete. *There is also a ‘flatten’ option in the additional featured menu (3 dots on right side), this will make the text permanent and un-editable. 


Tap the pallet icon for formatting: 

- When you are ready to save tap the Close Toolbar X 


- Tap the ‘Share’ icon and tap “Add to dropbox,” give it a moment to save and you can now access your edited file on other dropbox enabled devices.