Breakthrough LR Presets


Do you seek the lush appearance of film-infused edits but not quite sure how to execute them?  Look no further.  This collection of Lightroom Presets will create creamy skin tones that are perfect for portraits while delicately (or optionally bold) film enhancements.

The warmth of highlights, the depth of shadows & the lightly muted greens are a timeless medley in this package.

The perfect accompaniment to every photographers editing tools.

Our presets are as easy as 1, 2, (and if necessary) 3.  Here’s how:  1. Adjust exposure on sooc image  2.  Click preset from collection  3.  (if necessary) adjust white balance

  • 66 Lightroom presets – including:  59 Colored Presets & 7 Black & White – No fluff added
  • Simply choose the preset & then adjust exposure (super easy)
  • Intended & designed for RAW images (can be used on jpg but with slight differences)
  • Compatible with Mac and PC

Presets Used

The “after” photo was achieved by clicking T1 Jewel (one click)

Featured image by Amie Reinholz


What Amie has to say …

I have never used Lightroom before and I have owned the program for 3 years. With just one click I was able to achieve the edit that I was looking for. Stacie and her presets may have converted me! ~ Amie


Presets Used

The “after” photo was achieved by clicking T1 Purpose + bumping exposure up very slightly (cropping)

Featured image by Stacie Jensen

This set is perfect for you if:

  • You love film-infused images
  • You want to achieve a professional look without the overuse of filters
  • You want to save time editing while producing a professional photograph that your clients will love
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Own it & love it?

We can’t wait to reshare some photos!


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