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Do you love to use a planner but want the luxury of printing it yourself? Have a favorite binding system? No worries, we have you covered! This digital photographers planner is everything you need to successfully organize your business!

Meet your new picture-perfect assistant.  (Note: She's an efficient son of a gun.)

When a regular planner or sticky notes don't cut it anymore, you need something that was designed specifically for photographers & busy life!  This planner has a beautiful design that makes organizing your life & business a breeze.  Includes:  session rolodex, monthly objectives, monthly calendar, client workflow, goals planning, social media planning, task checklists, business income sheet, blog planning, and weekly schedule/planning.

This is efficiency encompassed.  Organization laid open on your desk.  And your (profitable) future all focused in on one powerhouse planner.

  • SAVE.  Buy it once, save it & use it year after year!
  • FILE TYPE:  Digital PDF file.  Print at home version.
  • SIZE:  Print on 8.5″ x 11″ paper
  • DATE FREE:  This date free design allows you the freedom to start whenever you want & without wasting any paper if you need to take a pause.
  • INCLUDES: Daily Planning, Monthly Planning, Equipment Tracking, Session Packing, Income Tracking, Client Workflow, Yearly Budget, Goals, Tasks, Social Media, Growth Tracking & more!
  • BONUS:  Limited time – mini session planner

What size is the planner?
This planner is formatted to fit standard letter-sized 8.5″x11″ paper.

What type of binders do you recommend?
There are a large assortment of amazing binders out there.  I love looking through Target & Staples and admit I buy them far more often then needed but I love to change up my style.   A 1 inch or 1.5 inch will do best if you print a full 12 months.  See suggestion here (click)

How do you print your new planner?
Open your PDF printer and select print.  You can choose how many copies of the month file you want to make. So for a full year you will make 12 copies.  Remember to click “front & back” printing.

Do you offer this planner professionally printed?
We don’t at this time but we do sell the bound Session Planner here.

WHAT’S INCLUDED – Below is a breakdown of what is inside this book and each section of every month.


  • Two Cover Options
  • Year at a Glance Special Date markers make it easy to use the 12 (monthly) boxes to track things of the utmost importance. Birthday, anniversaries, workshops, & National Hug Your Mailman Day (obviously). It also has plenty of space to write your year’s’ major goals (like beating last year’s revenue, finding 24 new clients, or finally learning how to sing the alphabet backwards. In Yiddish.)
  • Session Packing List: Makes sure you don’t forget all the necessary necessities you need for your sessions, from your favorite lense to an extra stick of deodorant. (Because who couldn’t use more deodorant?)
  • Handle your personal info like a total pro. Track your business links, favorite sites & resources, and forums & magazines all while jotting down personal growth ideas, possible income streams, and blog post ideas–all setting you up for monumental successes. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)
  • Measure your monthly goals & objectives. You can now track things like your number of clients (and how many of those were referrals), average session turnaround times, and increases in social media followers. Throw in the fact that you can keep an eye on monthly marketing behavior, and ensure monthly office tasks (like bookkeeping, email, ordering, etc.) stay in line, and you’re set for LIFE.
  • Need to remember day-to-day details? With your new printable planner, you can decide which days get slotted with a particular task. (Editing, family time, meal planning, the chiseling of a life-size marble statue of Chris Pratt.)  
  • Goals! You’ve got ‘em, we’ll help you reach them. With the ability to see your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals written down, you can check them off one-by-one, feeling smug as all get out.
  • The blank calendar months make tracking progress completely manageable–and even a fair amount of pure, unadulterated FUN. (Pro tip: Write down your Facebook likes at the beginning of the month, and then again at the end. Bask in the glory of your growth. Celebrate with a martini. Dry, extra olives.)
  • Make your workflow work for you. This flexible element lets you keep your thumb on the pulse of client processes, from contracts and photographing to culling, editing, and order placements. (Want more? You can also use the pages to track bill due dates or home chores.)
  • Social Media Schedule – By scheduling out your posts ahead of time, you’ll become the Beyoncé of Facebook posts. (Not to mention Twitter, Pinterest, and G+.)
  • Social Media Growth Tracker – Once you’re a social media pro, go for growth. This tracker will allow you to watch the climb of all your followers (all the way to the top of Everest.)
  • Creative Planning – After you develop your goals, you can start crafting together the creative plan on accomplishing ‘em, all while saving those ideas you have while falling asleep.
  • Priority Task List – This is the task system that’ll change everything, where you can keep commitments and to-dos in one cohesive place, organized by importance.
  • Customized To-Do’s – This delivers the freedom you crave with the ability to scrawl out your own headers and decide exactly how to make the magic happen.
  • Sometimes a month is too much, which is where weekly planning makes an appearance. Daily obligations, ideas, marketing, daily sessions, culling/editing, orders, sales…the list goes on and on…while your photography biz grows and grows.
  • Cash money reporting lets you track client payments, retainers, and product orders without screwing the pooch or backing up the books.  
  • Blogging shouldn’t be blah. This is the perfect place for you to jot down the long list of blog post ideas that are chomping at the bit to be brought into the world, (and then make note of which ones are drafted, published, and shared).
  • And the planner wouldn’t be complete without some good ol’ brainstorming. Whatever your wild & creative heart desires, there’s a delegated place for it.


This isn’t just the Photographer’s Planner.


This is the plan for your future.



Important Info:

This is a digital download. NOT a tangible item. You will be able to download immediately. You must print this book yourself. When opening the file you must use your email address as the password. Each page of your planner will have your name at the bottom & email. This is a great way to ensure if you lose your binder/planner someone will be able to get ahold of you.


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