I get an error when opening Elements after I have installed my actions: “Could not complete your request because there is not enough memory (RAM).”

  • Look in your Photo Effects folder to ensure you have no files or folders that do not belong.  No folder belongs in the Photo Effects folder unless you own Elements 5.  To ensure you have no issues please check that you have only the appropriate files in this folder that end in: ATN (the actual action file), the PNG (the thumbnail file), XML (the file for organizing actions) or a JPG (thumbnail file).  Your download will have a Terms Of Use file, please ensure that you do not add this to the Photo Effects folder.   Very Very Important:  Do not install actions into a subfolder of the Photo Effects.  No other folders belong in the folder “Photo Effects”.


After installing my new actions all of my old actions are missing from Elements or black icons instead.

  • After you have placed the files into the Photo Effects folder and are now restarting Elements, it will rebuild the database files.  If for any reason this is interrupted the actions list will be incomplete.  Closing Elements because it seems stalled or not responding will cause this.  It is important to let the process of building happen without interruption.  The only way to fix this is to go back to the Photo Effects folder and rename the Mediadatabase.db3 file again, then open Elements to start the process all over.


After running an action I get an error.

  • Generally these errors come from running more than one action at a time.  Though it is possible to do this there can be issues between multiple actions.  It is best to start with a flat image OR clicking the background layer prior to adding a new layer.


  • Some actions need to first find the “Background” layer.  If this does not exist you will receive an error.  You simply need to flatten the image first to make the system force a layer called “Background”.


My actions no longer work like they use to.

  • Sometimes a user may accidentally delete a step from the action not even noticing or change the order of which they are designed.  If you notice your actions are not performing like they once did please reinstall the action from the original purchase backup.


The actions do not seem to fit my photo or style.  What should I do?

Actions are built on different photos and different exposures.  It is generally necessary to change the opacity of the entire group of layers or individual layers.  Yes, actions are made to save you time but they do need to be manipulated to fit your style and image.

  • Change the entire opacity of the action grouping (Elements Users will have a layer called “Adjustment Layer” not a group as shown.)
  • Change the opacity of the layers to fit your photo exposure
  • Turn off layers that do not work with your style or exposure