Unzipping Your Files

Thank you for purchasing this product. I want to take a moment and make sure you have everything you need. Below are step by step simple instructions to help you download.”


Ummm … I’m not kidding.  You will need them again sometime.

Step 1

Save & Download your purchase by clicking on the link provided here.  You MUST save this file before going any further.  Please do not choose “Open”.  You must click the link ONE time! If you purchased more than one product ONLY click one, allow it to finish and then move on to the next. They can not be downloaded at the same time.  Important:  Ensure that you know where your downloaded files are stored on your computer and understand how to get to them before you click the download button. You can test this by downloading one of our freebies first.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Make sure you do NOT have firewalls set up that can interfere with downloading. Also make sure your internet is working properly at high speed.


Step 2

You will need to unzip or extract the folder that you have saved. Many computers already have a program for this process included as free software. If you have trouble unzipping your file please contact the manufacture of your unzipping software. We cannot support their software and we are not responsible for if working properly.  Important:  Because each computer and software is different you will need to have a good understanding of how yours works.  Below are a few simple and generic steps but they may not apply to everyone.  Note:  If you have issues unzipping your file you will not need another download.  Simply revert back to the saved zip file on your computer.


Step 3

For installing actions click here.  If you have purchased tools, templates or overlays good news.  You do not need to install them.  You simply “Open” the files.

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