Weekly Featured Photographer: Bluebird Pictures

Weekly Featured Photographer: Bluebird Pictures



Bree Fowles of Bluebird Pictures


We all around love Bree & Bluebird Pictures over here at Colorvale®! I am so in love with Bree’s use of bright colors in her images. She is one of those photographers that it talented in many realms of the industry. I can’t look at a Baby Bluebird image without wanting another baby! And, she has this super sweet, sassy personality to boot! This weekly featured photographer has been one of my favorites since I started discovering other photographers earlier on in my own career & have continued to be inspired by her. I know you you will be inspired too!




Given all the hard work and hours involved in the photography business would you choose this line of work again?

I totally would, but I’d take a big swig of patience and an extra helping of balance from the the starting line.


Lessons learned from your years of experience, what mistakes have you made that you would never repeat? 

Not backing up my files and images properly. I had to reshoot more than once as a beginner and have had a close call or two with losing data. Very little scares me more than my hard drive crashing…except maybe a meteor, falling off a cliff or being forced to eat yogurt.


If you could change one thing about the industry what would that be?

Theft. It seems like every week someone new has been outed for copying, stealing, plagiarizing and who knows what else in this industry. Whether it’s a small business no one had ever heard of until that moment or one of the “rockstars” in the photog world… someone is always trying to get away with using others hard work. It’s so disappointing.

Being caught for plagiarizing would be even more scary to me than my hard drive crashing..which is one of many reasons why I’d never do it….. ( it’s called integrity people )




Has your contract had to change over the years as you have learned of sticky situations with a client?  

Thankfully, I’ve avoided having too many sticky situations thus far. I’m a pretty “no nonsense” type gal and when I set limits and rules on what I do and don’t do with my business, they stick. Have clear guidelines on what you offer from the very beginning.


What types of shoots have you vowed you would never do again? 

Weddings! If I could photograph every bride in the world I would…..but that’s where I draw the line. It’s an immense amount of work, pressure and skill to capture an entire wedding and while I swoon over the amazing talents that can do so….I’d rather not attempt to be one of them. When people say they specialize in every type of photography…I tend not to believe that. I would recommend finding what you enjoy most, your niche and go from there. Don’t try to offer it all….that just makes you sorta meh at everything instead of great at a couple things.




What do you do to make sure people identify you with your images, and I don’t mean watermarking, I mean putting your own personality to your photographs?  Is it editing, shooting style, sass or other? 

When I edit I like things crystal clear and yet like a lot of bokeh. When I’m outdoors I really attempt to add a visceral feel to what I shoot. I want real emotions, moments and feelings.





What is a real day like in the world of Bree?  Be honest, are you in jammies til 2pm like me?

I used to be a little more of a go getter… the up and at em working out before breakfast you wanna punch em type. Now that I’m into my 5th month of pregnancy ( never ending I might add ), my days include sweat pants, major bed head, and probably one too many snacks at the computer. I might end up putting a touch of makeup on and maybe even real pants by the afternoon…..but don’t bet on it. I should mention I have two beautiful girls already who I manage to dress in real clothes and tame the bead head on at least!


What is the number one piece of advice that you would give to someone just starting out? 

Don’t give up!! I was totally the “fauxtographer” when I first picked up a camera. I knew very little. For those starting out, don’t quit because your images are all blurry or orange…find out WHY they are that way and learn! Educate and invest in yourself. If you are really passionate about it, earn it.


Do you have an absolute favorite photo you have taken that you feel you knocked the socks off of?  If so, please provide and describe why it moves you.

One image that I really loved was the year I did weddings ( for like two seconds ) and I had a gorgeous bride, location and lighting. I was pretty proud of that capture.



Would you change your style if given the opportunity or do you feel boxed in to what you have always done?

I tend to shoot what I like. When I first started I didn’t know what I liked and ended up catering to each clients special requests which could be difficult. Thankfully I have been doing this long enough that now I shoot what I like, and that attracts the right kind of people who share my tastes. I’m a little bit country , earthy, organic and a little bit rock and roll, colorful and bright. I did try to go light, airy, and simple with my work for a period, but it just didn’t make me happy….Too much sass I guess.


Where can we find you?

Website: http://breezee-bluebird.blogspot.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bluebirdpictures




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